This beautiful house in East Molesey/Hampton Court was a mammoth task indeed!

Literally every room in the house was gutted and refurbished.

Everything from the plumbing and heating, electrics, windows, doors, plastering, bathrooms, kitchen was completely redesigned.

The family also invested in a new wrap around extension for their new kitchen and utility room (see photos) The whole ground floor was excavated to receive underfloor heating.

Over 200 tons of internal walls were removed to completely open it up, not just the ground floor but also the first and second floors as well.

This transformation took 8 months to complete, but was by far the most satisfying project I’ve had the pleasure of undertaking, with lots of highs and lows along the way. My family, my staff and my self are all very proud to have helped achieve this transformation. To take a tired old home as beautiful as this and bring it back into the modern world without changing its charming external appearance is very satisfying.